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Health and Wellness Coaching

A healthier you is within reach.

Coaching is a confidential partnership between you and your coach. In this collaborative relationship, your coach will help you identify and clarify priorities (as well as areas for development) in your health and well-being. Your coach provides structure, accountability, expertise and inspiration to enable you to learn, grow and progress beyond what you can do alone.

Coaching is not a "one-size fits all" approach, it is a unique service where the emphasis is placed on you as an individual and focuses on reinforcing skills and strengths. 


What is a coach?

A Partner

A coach is a health, fitness and emotional-health professional who has completed wellness-coach training and certification from a leading organization. Mercy’s Health Coaches are registered nurses who received training and certification from the Iowa Chronic Care Consortium, and all Wellness Coaches are nationally certified by Wellcoaches Corporation, in partnership with the American College of Sports Medicine. 

How does coaching work?


Together with your coach, you will establish your own personal health goals based on your preferences and unique life circumstances. Your coach will help you find tools and strategies to assist you in making healthier lifestyle choices that will aid you in self-managing these goals.

    Your coach helps you determine your priorities...take charge...stay focused...and achieve your health goals.

    What can a coach help me with?

    Any Health Issue

    Your coach can help with goals pertaining to any health and wellness related issue. Areas of focus vary depending on the individual. 

    Examples of desired goals include:

    • Smoking cessation
    • Weight management
    • Dietary habits
    • Pain management
    • Exercise habits
    • Control of blood sugars
    • Stress management

    What do I commit to if I participate in coaching?


    People who work with a coach are ready to make some type of change in their life, they just need a helping hand. A successful coaching candidate is:

    • Ready to make changes and improve their well-being
    • Ready to invest the time necessary to make lasting changes
    • Ready to take responsibility and make changes in at least one area of wellness – fitness, nutrition, weight, stress or health
    • Able to recognize that the path to successful change and a higher level of well-being is slow and steady, and not a quick fix, and that there will be setbacks along the way to success

    Your coach will provide support, structure and resources appropriate to your personal needs. Sessions are planned to fit with your schedule: weekly or as needed, by phone or in person.

    To find out more information, or to schedule a session with a coach, contact MercyCare Business Health Solutions at 319-369-4455 or email us.



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