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On-site Healthcare

The interest in on-site health clinics has increased considerably in recent years due to dramatic surges in healthcare spending. Employers must find innovative methods of controlling the direct costs associated with healthcare, while improving access and quality of care for their employees. In response, many employers are shifting their focus to health promotion and wellness, and an array of primary care services employees can access through on-site health clinics.  

On-site clinics foster a dedicated doctor-patient relationship that helps manage medical costs for employers and employees. As additional benefits become more transparent, these clinics will continue to grow in popularity.  

Employer Benefits:

  • Improve health outcomes for employees with preventative care and dedicated providers
  • Reduced healthcare claims and direct healthcare costs
  • Reduced referrals to costly services from specialists
  • Increase productivity by reducing absenteeism
  • Redirect care from expensive, time-consuming provider settings

Employee Benefits:

  • Seamless communication through Electronic Health Record
  • Early intervention or prevention due to affordable, easily-accessible care
  • Boost employee retention, recruitment and morale by promoting a culture of wellness
  • Access to convenient, quality primary and episodic healthcare
  • Longer, more meaningful patient/clinician interaction   
  • Develop care plan to better manage and monitor chronic health conditions   

The MercyCare Business Health Solutions team will lead you through a step-by-step consultative process to help you better understand your company's health data, chronic conditions and employee risk factors to rationally address critical needs in the workplace.  Our program is based on educating our clients first, in order to pinpoint a meaningful clinic and wellness plan tailored to your employee population. 

On-site example - Mercy Medical Center Employee Health Center

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On-site Healthcare