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MercyCare Teleheath

Telemedicine is for employers seeking innovative methods to improve access to convenient, coordinated, quality care for their employees and families, while reducing the per capita cost for healthcare.

What is telehealth?

The simplest explanation is an interaction with a board-certified provider over a video feed or phone line. Simply put, rather than traveling to the doctor, the doctor comes to you… via video feed.

Telehealth has played a critical role in providing healthcare and health-related education in rural communities for many years. Due to technology advances, MercyCare is bringing that same technology to the workplace to provide accessibility to high quality care right on the jobsite. For more information on Telehealth, visit our Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


The MercyCare Telehealth Solution

MercyCare Business Health Solutions works with area employers of all sizes in all industries. Our team works directly with area employers to help them address one of the biggest challenges in healthcare today; better access to quality care.  With MercyCare Telehealth Clinics employees connect with local, MercyCare providers right from the worksite.     

The telehealth phenomenon is gaining momentum throughout the country as more employers learn about the benefits of these clinics, including:


Employees utilizing a MercyCare Telehealth Clinic can request an appointment right from their desk or work area. With easy access to an on-site clinic, employees can receive a diagnosis and treatment for their symptoms in about 30 minutes. 

Saving Time

On average, a telehealth visit can save 2-3 hours, which is time that would have to be taken as paid time off or absorbed as a late arrival, early departure or an extended lunch.

Better Healthcare Access

Regardless of your insurance program, access to quality healthcare can be a waiting game. A MercyCare Telehealth clinic can be the difference between having access to health care or not.

Employee Engagement

By improving accessibility and providing low-cost option for care, employees are more likely to take an active role in preventative health activities, which leads to better health outcomes.

Contact us for more information about our telehealth options.

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