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Work Injury Rehab Center

Mercy's Work Injury Rehab Center partners with local employers to create programs to reduce injury rates, as well as educate employees on the risk factors that may lead to injury. Services are designed to assist employers and employees with performing job duties safely, and encourage them to return to work with the skills and information they need to avoid further injuries. 

Occupational therapists offer the following services:

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Pre-Employment Agility Tests
  • Work Conditioning
  • Office Ergonomic Evaluations
  • Industrial Ergonomic Evaluations
  • Educational Presentations
  • On-site Job Coaching

The center utilizes equipment such as the Total Gym, SCI-FIT Ergometer, Paramount MP4.0 multi-gym, simulated truck bed and Vision Fitness treadmill. Various other equipment is designed to simulate and evaluate job situations and to challenge core strength to improve whole body posturing and strength in work activities.

Agility Tests

  • Assess candidate’s abilities to perform critical tasks for a new job or when returning to job from an injury 

  • Customized to fit specific job duties

  • On-site visits available to determine critical job demands

  • Can be developed from an existing job description

  • Can assist in job description development process


  • Objectively measures client’s current level of function

  • Addresses skills for employment, self-care, home management, leisure

  • Includes lifting, carrying, pushing, climbing, high and low work, etc.

  • Customizable based on individual job demands

  • Used for return to work decisions, disability determinations, or design of rehabilitation plans

  • Provides recommendations for workplace modifications

  • Uses standardized protocol backed by international research


  • Prepares injured workers to return to job duties

  • Educates on safe body mechanics to prevent re-injury

  • Builds core strength and endurance

  • Programs tailored to address job specific skills

  • Development of home exercise programs to maintain gains after discharge


  • Analyze computer work stations to improve ergonomics

  • Assess industrial settings to identify ergonomic risk factors

  • Provides recommendations to improve health, safety and productivity

  • Can be utilized post injury to identify and resolve contributing factors

  • Typically completed on job site


  • Injury reduction programs available for management and supervisors 

  • Job coaching for individual employees to reduce risk of injury

  • Group education available for stretching, safe lifting and injury prevention


The Mercy Work Injury Rehab Center is located at 5264 Council Street NE. (319) 369-4411.

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