Welcome to Team Up 2 Trim Down!

Team Up 2 Trim Down is a wellness program designed to motivate and assist ALL RuffaloCODY employees to achieve a healthy weight.  By creating a team of 2-10 people (from any department and location), you will be supporting one another toward your individual goal and motivating your teammates to accomplish their goals. 

You will receive an email each week.  The email will contain a weekly goal, a link to an "Ask an Expert" article and information on activities and challenges that are happening during the week.    

Whether your goal is to lose weight or maintain your current weight, there are numerous resources available to help you and your team achieve success. These include:

1.       Weekly emails with information and tips

2.       Weekly SMART goals

3.       Various team activities/challenges

4.       Self-reported weigh-ins to track your progress

5.       Online Q&A chats with Mercy experts on weight-loss topics

6.       Weekly “Ask an Expert” articles on fitness, nutrition and stress management

7.       12-week fitness calendars designed by Mercy’s fitness experts

For beginners       For current exercisers




QuestionWhat do I have to do in order to have this count as my company-wide wellness challenge for the incentive program?


Answer:  There are 5 weeks throughout the 12-week program in which you will have to weigh yourself sometime by Noon on the Saturday ending a weigh-in week.  You will follow the website link in the weekly email to submit your weight.  Also, you will need to submit a personal goal related to the topic provided in that week's email.  If all five of these are not completed by each of the deadlines, you will not satisfy this wellness challenge requirement.


Question:  I don’t have any weight to lose.  Can I still participate in the program?


Answer:  Yes!  Team Up 2 Trim Down is a weight-management program designed to motivate and assist ALL employees to achieve a healthy weight, as well as helps to create a workplace culture that emphasizes peer support and healthy lifestyles.  By creating a team of fellow coworkers, you will be supporting one another toward your individual goal (weight loss or maintenance) and motivating your teammates to accomplish their goals.  This program also provides information on goal setting, fitness, nutrition, and stress management – all topics anyone can benefit from learning more about!   


QuestionI’m not located at the Corporate office or in Cedar Rapids; will I miss out on receiving any of the materials or information needed to be successful in the program?


Answer:  No.  One of the best things about Team Up 2 Trim Down is that the entire program is web-based – ALL information will be available on the website.  Weekly emails will be sent to participants with program information, and your weights and goal setting activities will be entered via an online Survey Monkey link.


Question:  Is my information kept confidential?


Answer:  Yes.  All information will be viewed by Mercy Corporate Wellness staff ONLY.  Team standings will be posted on the webpage by team name and percentage of weight-loss only, no individual names or weights will be released.


Question:  Do I have to weigh-in with all of my team members at the same time?


Answer:  No.  You can weigh-in whenever it’s convenient for you – just weigh yourself on your home scale and submit it through the Survey Monkey website link you will receive via email.  Optional private weigh-ins will also be available by appointment only at the RuffaloCODY Corporate office with the Mercy Wellness Coach for those interested.  Just be sure to be consistent, weighing on the same scale each time.


Question:  Do I have to do the other activities (i.e. challenges, online Q&A chats, workout calendars) that are on the website?


Answer:  No.  The activities are meant to provide you with resources to be successful throughout the program, and I encourage you to use as many of them as you wish.  However, they are not mandatory.  The only requirement you have for the incentive program is to submit a weight and goal during each of the 5 weeks.


Question:  I don’t see our team name listed on the team stats/standings page.  What does that mean?


Answer:  Only teams in which ALL members submit required information will be counted for the rankings.  It is especially important for Team Captains to make sure everyone on their team submits their weight AND a goal via the Survey Monkey web link by Noon on the Saturday ending a weigh-in week. 




*If you have any further questions or concerns during the course of this program, please do not hesitate to contact Ashley Pins, Mercy Wellness Coach, at anpins@mercycare.org.